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Dear friends, this section of ELME website is dedicated to promote various artists, among those of our interest.

We invite you to view the sample pictures and to link to their website for a deeper contact.

Let us know how you like this idea and enjoy their works!




Letizia Galli has been working as an artist as  from 1990. She trained in London in 1985 and has exhibited her work in London, Milan, Bologna, Rome and Tokio. She started with abstract painting and lately she has been doing more representational work. She has being involved in art and science projects in the neurological and therapeutic field and she is also a practising gestalt counsellor.

The painting shown here is part of a group of four works all 180 x 250 cm called the Swimming Pools. The idea is that floating in water in a safe environment is therapeutic, as our body unconsciously remembers being in the amniotic liquid and also the reflections of the light on the water are a visual hypnotic.


The travel of Giovanna Beneduce in the art land began in 1990 with a series of water colours figuring sea views. Then continued with artworks including raw sands and rock materials taken during other geographical travels, for finally landing on the portraits shore. These since year 2000 were painted with acrylic colours and often over commission. Her technique now, with sharp and cutting light fields, decomposes and recomposes the pieces of coloured images for truly catching the spirit of the painted person.

While the portrait is penetrating the soul of a human subject, the shaping of a nude figure is for representing abstract concepts and situations.

Here the subject of the painting is the "suspended moment preceding the choice". The thought of the young woman circles the figure moving from the hand grazing the mouth, through the forearm, down into the sensual bosom at the "hart of the body. From there along the back, the thought reaches the delicate line of the nape so close to the brain. The though progress also drives the eyes of the observer along the same line.


  Katia Dilella was born in Milan in 1975, where she has spent most of her life and has graduated at the Brera’s “ Belle Arti Academy ”.

Her artistic background is informal and, since her first works, characterized by a distinguished drawing attitude which makes her style representative and recognisable.
Keeping her style-attitude in brush-stroking and drawing, she later develops a figurative approach which leads to the making of more personal and unique works. The metropolitan influence of Milan dominates the figurative elements of her painting, characterized by urban subjects like cars and elements of the city landsacape from her studio’s surroundings. The urban elements are portrayed with a sparkling use of colors and a stylish execution. Recently, she has won the First International Art Award of Pavia (IT) “Giovane Arte Europea” (2005), and has exposed her work at the 3° award Mario Razzano (2006). In November 2006, she was the guest of honor of the TV report “Art in Progress”, on Leonardo Sky.”


  Nicola Vitale, poet and painter, lives in Milan, where he was born in 1956. His paintings have been shown in personal and group exhibitions in private and public venues in Italy, Switzerland, the United States and Iceland. He has collaborated with the Franco Toselli Gallery in Milan and the Ermanno Tedeschi gallery in Turin. His paintings have been introduced by the critics Rossana Bossaglia, Pierre Restany and Elena Pontiggia.

He has taught courses on painting organized by the Unicredit Foundation (ex Credito Italiano) since 1991.

Personal retrospective exhibitons: Palazzo Recalcati, Milan (Credito Italiano 1999) Catalogue introduction by Rossana Bossaglia, Maurizio Cucchi, Ezio Frigerio New York University (Casa italiana Zerilli Marimò) 1994, brochure introduction by Pierre Restany