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  ESD Chairs & Seat Covers -> VERA X

VERA X - Movie List

VERA assembly 1
(size: 752,914 bytes)

Insert the lower support in the back of the seat
VERA assembly 2
(size: 913,887 bytes)

Fix the lower support onto the back of the seat by screwing in the knob
VERA assembly 3
(size: 748,427 bytes)

Insert the lower support into the backrest
VERA assembly 4
(size: 621,055 bytes)

Insert the extension set into the base, in oder to assemble a VERA 2
VERA assembly 5
(size: 709,647 bytes)

Insert each wheel into the dedicated hole under the base
VERA assembly 6
(size: 948,340 bytes)

Alternatively insert feet in the holes underneath the base
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