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  E3 ESD Foot & Wristband Testers

E3 Dual ESD Tester for bands and footwears. E3 has been designed to test the performance of ESD wrist bands and footwears such as shoes or footgrounders.
E3 is designed to operate tests in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1:2007 standard.
E3 performs test on the ESD wristband and the ESD footwears automatically, with separate test for left and right foot. The operator can easily select the test to perform (band only - shoes only - shoes and bands together). E3 includes a dual large and comfortable foot plate (for left and right foot). E3 shows results as High, Pass, or Low resistance values. A relay output can easily connect to electrical doors opening for access in restricted EPA areas. E3 works with battery or external power supply (220 or 110V). The kit includes the tester, the wall mount yellow panel, the dual foot-plate, all cords and , with SPS version, the power supply.

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Item Description Part Number
E3 S-E Tester with english text plate
E3 SPS-E Tester with english text plate with power supply at 220V
E3 SPS-U Tester with english text plate with power supply at 110V
E3 S-D Tester with german text plate
E3 SPS-D Tester with German text plate with power supply at 220V