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  • CLEANROOM ESD - A wide selection of cleanroom products and consumables, includes clothing, accessories, gloves, mats etc

  • EPA CATALOG - All E.P.A. protection products: ESD mats, ESD workstations, grounding products, ESD chairs, accessories

  • ESD BOXES - CO-SYSTEM is a unique ESD set including the box, the cover and the internal dividers. Very stable, the perfect solution for stocking and delivery of electrostatic sensitive boards.

  • ESD CHAIRS - VERA-X quality ESD chairs, 100% european quality parts, choice of fabric or vinyl, 3 different heights. Also VERA PU ESD polyurethane foam chairs and ESD seat covers complete the line.

  • ESD PACKAGING - Vacuum sealer machinery, ESD bags and tubings, bubble packing and tapes and labels, and more...

  • ESD SHOES - MICROFIBRE - Full selection of ESD shoes in microfibre, with washable upper part and polyurethane soles anti-slip.

  • ESD TEST INSTRUMENTS - A full selection of ESD TESTERS & METERS for all applications

  • ESD WORKSTATIONS - TOPWORK ESD workstations line with a full selection of accessories to customize your working place. Feel free to ask for any additional detail.

  • HAND TOOLS ESD - A wide selection of ESD hand tools for the operator.

  • IONIZER AIR GUNS - Full selection of industrial ion airguns and power supplies. Designed specifically for harsh environments.

  • NEW ION GUN G9 - New ion gun, protected emitters, lightweight handle includes the airhose. Excellent performance at competitive price!

  • SMART TWEEZER - LCR Meter and Component Identifier in a Pair of Tweezers. See description..